The Process

At Pool Kits WA, we believe in making your dream pool journey straightforward and enjoyable. Here’s a transparent look at our six-step process, ensuring you dive into your dream pool with confidence.

Step 1

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Choose Your Pool &
Get A Quote

The first step towards your dream pool is to browse our range & think about what you really want. Our friend team are happy to answer questions & provide quotes on the styles & colour you’re interested in.

Step 2

Close Up Of Pool Approval

Submit Your Order &
Application To Council

Once you’ve chosen your dream pool, order it! But, before you start building, you need the green light from the local council. While you wait for your pool kit to arrive, sort out the paperwork & get council approval.

Step 3

Prepare Site & Organise Contractors

Now, get the spot ready where your pool will go. Clear it out & make sure it’s flat & there is space to work. If you need help from contractors to prepare, bring them in & organise who you’ll need during the installation.

Step 4

Install & Setup Pool

When your pool kit arrives, a machine will be needed to place the pool shell. Once placed, connect the swimming pool plumbing/electrics, setup the filtration system, backfill the hole & finish with your chosen coping or decking. 

Step 5

Filling Up Pool

Fill With Water & Test

Following the successful installation, fill the pool with water and conduct tests to check that everything is working as it should be & meets all of the requirements of your local council. 

Step 6

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Enjoy Your Dream Pool

Congratulations! You have successfully installed your own DIY Pool Kit. Now enjoy your private backyard getaway where you can gather with family & friends to celebrate life & build memories

Explore Our Full Range Of Pools

Start your pool journey with Pool Kits WA! We’ve got pools for small spaces and big family pools with fun features. Explore our pool choices and pick the one that fits your family best. See what we have and make your dream pool a reality.

Find The Perfect Pool Within Your Budget

Our friendly and knowledgeable team are ready to discuss your dream pool.